Alex Hinds


I'm a design-focused software engineer and former journalist with a passion for delivering great user experiences for the web. I've honed my craft at some of the world's best technology companies, working in many different problem domains. I thrive at the intersection of design and engineering, and my latest focus has been on building Design Systems at scale.


B. Sci. (Computer Science)

University of New South Wales, 2018, HCI & data visualisation, security, web application engineering.

B. Com. & Liberal Studies

University of Sydney, 2010, economics, political economy, psychology.

Technical Skills

I'm most comfortable working in Typescript and JavaScript (Full Stack), Python, HTML, CSS and a little WebGL - basically all the major web technologies. I've worked largely in Unix environments and have a depth of experience with React, Figma, Vue.js, Docker and node. I've dabbled with other frameworks, tools and languages too, and generally have little trouble picking up new things if the stack requires it.

For a more complete overview, please check out my Github or my personal website.


Atlassian Design System, Senior Software Engineer, 2020-

Took a leading role in evolving the Atlassian Design System, working closely with designers to build a new generation of components and tools. Led the architecture and rollout of new spacing and typography foundations for the company.

Atlassian, Software Engineer, 2019-2020

Developed an innovative solution to Atlassian's real user monitoring and rolled out a scalable system across cloud and server products. Mostly working with Node.js, docker, AWS and golang.

Web / OSS, Open Source Contributor, 2018-

Contributed regularly to OSS projects including @compiled, @emotion, storybook-addon-performance and eslint-codemod-utils. I see OSS contribution as an important part of being a developer.

Kayo Sports, Web Developer, 2018-2019

Helped develop and launch a new sports video streaming platform for the web. Mostly working with React/Node.js.

Buy Somewhere, Developer, 2017-2017

Worked as a core developer on an independent game label, launching an augmented reality Monopoly-esque game for mobile. I was a part of a small team driving the games geo-location mechanics.

University of New South Wales, TA / Tutor, 2016-2019

Tutored and acted as a lecturer's assistant in UNSW's foundational computer science subjects since 2016. In 2018, I helped architect a new JavaScript and UI course.

Freelance, Web Developer, 2015-

Built and helped maintain websites for universities, architecture firms and not-for-profit organisations.

The Guardian, Deputy Editor (Sport & Tech), 2015-2016

Acted as digital producer for the Guardian's data visualisation projects. Wrote news and features, took charge of community engagement, ran liveblogs, and commissioned work from external contributors.

SBS, Journalist / Digital Producer, 2011-2015

Wrote op-eds, news, liveblogs and other features for SBS's online sport platforms. Covered the Tour de France on location as part of the broadcast team. Hosted and produced a revamped SBS Cycling podcast, which twice featured among iTunes top-10 sports podcasts.

Other notables

I'm an occassional OSS contributor, I've co-authored a book on the Tour de France, and have appeared on ABC radio, triple j.